Gift Memories

March 2020, Covid-19 shook the world. Regardless of pedigree, people from all walks of life reevaluated their priorities, assessed needs, and undergone a period of self-reflection. This self-evaluation of life shined a light on one basic human need we all took for granted, and that is the power of human interaction.  

Our primary need for human connection spun a haven of creativity, from drive-by birthday parties to virtual concerts. Witnessing innovation through necessity provides evidence that cultural events are a vital life component. 

At twelve21 we want to utilize our creative talents and natural ability to bring people together to produce diverse, high-quality events designed to improve our lives. We want to serve as a catalyst to stimulate civic pride, recruit and retain high valuable and resourceful businesses and talent, but most importantly, improve the mental and physical health of our community by ensuring residents can live, work and play in their communities. 

Invest your time, talent, and resources with twelve21, and let’s start new traditions and create fond long-lasting memories, together. 

More details on twelve21 foundation coming soon.

twelve for twentyone

I want to express my sincerest gratitude and thank you for supporting twelve21. Your decision to invest in my entrepreneurial endeavors furnished me with the resources needed and encouraged me to continue to push forward.

I am eternally grateful to you. Thanks to your generosity, together, we will continue to serve others for years to come.

Please look at the logo of the philanthropic arm of twelve21. It is a budding flower nourished by roots. Thank you for anchoring twelve21 during such unsettling times and providing the foundational support needed to flourish.

Krystal Hardy Allen
Angela Rogers Benson
Terry Brown
Colleen Armstrong Burns
John Chaney
Joe Clay
Junnus Clay
Randal Crowe
Tiki Merritt Curry
Benita Clay-Davis
Jamika Kirk Doakes
Michael Dubin
Cheryl Eldridge
Tony Ellis
Carlos Gardner
Wendy Garner
Erik Gensler
Amoi Geter
Corey Hall
Dashana Hall
Keith Hearon
Cheven Hill
Dollie Howell
Jay Hoytt
Shed Jackson
David Jefferson
Brett Johnson
Demetrius King
Eddie Koen

Lakisha Pratt Lee
Andre McShan
Bianca Moore
Larry O. Gay
Dollie Howell Pankey
Demetrius Paschel
Carmen Williams Perkins
Genesis Wyne Player
Chris Pollone
Henry Pope
Roosevelt Ramage
Devon L. Vaughan-Rhone
David Rivers
Jacqueline Robinson
Nechelle Robinson
Towana Robinson
Shaunte’ Rodgers
Darlene Rudolph
Ivan Sanders
Cassandra Stewart
Sherrel Stewart
Herman Turner, Jr.
Donald Waters
Eugena White
Shaniece P. Williams
Roy Wood, Jr.
Joseph Woods
Cedric Wright
Omar Young